Mangal Pandey The Rising (2005) 720p Hindi

Mangal Pandey The Rising

Mangal Pandey The Rising (2005) 720p Hindi

Mangal Pandey The Rising Directed: Ketan Mehta
Released Date: 12 August 2005
Types: Biography, Drama, History
Film Stars: Aamir Khan, Rani Mukerji, Toby Stephens
Movie Quality: 720p HDRip
File Size: 1164MB

Plot: Mangal Pandey – The Rising is an epic tale of friendship, betrayal, love and sacrifice set against the backdrop of what the British called the sepoy mutiny but which for the Indians was the First War of Independence. ‘Company Raj’ as it was known, had been plundering the country, treating the locals unjustly and causing widespread resentment. During a fierce battle in one of the Afghan wars that the Company fought in the mid-century, Mangal Pandey, the heroic sepoy, saves the life of his British commanding officer, William Gordon. Gordon is indebted to Mangal and a strong friendship develops between them, transcending consideration of rank and race. The friendship is soon challenged by the introduction of a new rifle called the Enfield. The new rifle has come with a new cartridge which is rumored to be coated with the grease of cow and pig fat. The new cartridge has to be bitten before it is loaded, which ignites anger and resentment among the Indian sepoys. The cow is sacred to the .

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