Miss Tanakpur Haazir Ho (2015)


Release date: 26 Jun 2015
Genre: Comedy , Drama
Star Cast (Actor): Annu Kapoor…. Sualal Gandas Hrishita Bhatt…. Maya Rahul Bagga…. Arjun Ravi Kissen Sanjay Mishra Kamlesh Gill Bhupesh Pandya
Description: Miss Tanakpur Haazir Ho is a political satire running along a perilous love-story based in Tanakpur, a village in Haryana. Haryana, where the village’s Pradhans in general have insurmountable powers
Duration: 2:01

Download Part 1

File: Miss.Tanakpur.Haazir.Ho-pDVD-1.mp4
Size: 89.69 MB
server 0 Miss.Tanakpur.Haazir.Ho-pDVD-1

server 1 Miss.Tanakpur.Haazir.Ho-pDVD-1

server 2 Miss.Tanakpur.Haazir.Ho-pDVD-1

server 3 Miss.Tanakpur.Haazir.Ho-pDVD-1

Download Part 2

File: Miss.Tanakpur.Haazir.Ho-pDVD-2.mp4
Size: 89.57 MB
server 0 Miss.Tanakpur.Haazir.Ho-pDVD-2

server 1 Miss.Tanakpur.Haazir.Ho-pDVD-2

server 2 Miss.Tanakpur.Haazir.Ho-pDVD-2

server 3 Miss.Tanakpur.Haazir.Ho-pDVD-2

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